Win XP products & OEM Customization

We provide customized JSR 82 and bluetoth profiles for OEM vendors.
See below for enquiries and supported profiles.

BlueFTP for Win XP

BlueFTP 2.0 is a bluetooth FTP client designed for Win XP. It comes bundled with JSR82 stack that uses the native bluetooth driver of Win XP. So no additional JSR82 library is needed for running this application.

This can be used for browsing the folders of remote bluetooth devices and perform file manipulations like push, pull, deletions, folder creations etc.

BlueFTP also has a version with no XP specific JSR82 . This is for use on other operating systems and requires a JSR82 implementation for the target OS on which this will be run.

Requires : Win XP

Blue Push

BluePush is an object push client for bluetooth. It can communicate with all devices that suports bluetooth object push profile (OPP).

Uses include transferring objects from PC to any other bluetoth enabled device including mobile phones, tablets, PCS etc.

Requires : Any JSR82 implementation like ElectricBlue and Java

Java Obex

The complete implementation of the javax.obex package defined in JSR 82 specification. This will work on top of any bluetooth stack which implements the javax.bluetooth package. Tested with most mobiles supporting bluetooth.

Object Push Profile

Implements the Object push profile. Typical scenarios covered by this profile are Object Push, Business Card Pull & Business Card Exchange.

File Transfer Profile

Implements the File transfer profile. Use of this profile includes getting folder listings, pushing and pulling objects, deleting objects etc.

Basic Printing Profile

Implements the printing profile. Typical scenarios covered by this profile include printing emails, text messages, vcards and other formatted objects.