Bluetooth Transfer - Transfer files on Android

1. Download or upload files via bluetooth
2. Transfer apps
3. View shared files/folders
4. Create/Delete folders/files
5. View log of all FTP transcations done. (New feature)

(No more wondering where you downloaded the file to yesterday or what your friend downloaded or uploaded to your device when you authorized that connection.)

Features of the built-in bluetooth FTP server: (When started)
1. Share your device's file system with other bluetooth devices
2. Authorize connection request from other devices (Nobody can connect without your permission even when your ftp server is running)
3. Upload, Download files from your device
4. Delete, Create files or folders on your device

Main Screen

Click on the 'find devices' button. When you find the device connect to it by tapping 'Browse Remote Device' .

Connected via bluetooth

Once connected to other bluetooth device, you can transfer files or apps from your device to it.

Authorize connections

Lets you authorize connections from other devices. So nobody can connect without your permission.

Transfer files

File transfer is easy and fast. You can also see the progress of the transfer for both file and app transfers.