Bluetooth Radar - Android bluetooth finder

1. Shows bluetooth smart devices and updates their position on the radar every second.
2. Find a lost bluetooth accessory or any other saved device.
3. Find all beacons around you like EddyStone , iBeacon, or Alt beacon.
4. See the URLs advertised by EddyStone beacons.
5. See full details of other types of EddyStone beacons (TLM or Uid).
6. Tap on each device on the radar and get all details about it.
7. Connect to a device and find the services running on it.
8. Save favorite devices so that they can be found later if lost.

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Android app on Amazon App store

Radar Main Screen

Here you can scan for all bluetooth smart devices around you and see them all on the radar. You can also find a lost bluetooh accessory.

Smart device details

Touch any device on the radar, it will bring up this dialog. Make sure you save all your favorite devices so that you can find it if misplaced later.

More device details

Select the option 'More Info' from the above dialog to see all available info like in this screenshot. This screen also updates the rssi and distance every second.

Services hosted

To see all services running on this device select the tab named 'Services'. See the screenshot. Expand each service to see it's details

View all devices as a list

If you prefer to see all the devices found as a list instead of on the radar, then after scan, select menu > 'View as List'. Check the screenshot

Find lost device

Pick the lost device from saved devices list and move around in the room till the device is at the center of the radar like this. Now you're very close to the device.