Bluetooth Firewall - Android Security App

1. Bluetooth Radar View
2. Firewall Alerts
3. Perform Bluetooth scan of your android device
4. Logs all Bluetooth events.
5. Password protect the firewall and it's sensitive data.
6. Option to make chosen remote devices as trusted.
7. Strict Mode
8. Supports light and dark themes for App
9. No configuration needed. Install , allow permissions & done.

Android app on Google Play

Android app on Amazon App store

Firewall Main Screen

Here you have the options to turn on firewall or bluetooth event logging. You can also change the firewall configuration from 'Settings'

Bluetooth Radar View

This shows the bluetooth devices around you and their approximate distance from you. Paired devices are denoted by a check mark.

Radar device details

Tap on any device shown in the radar and see the following details. This radar can detect all bluetooth devices within range & are in the vsible mode.

Bluetooth event log

Displays a clear log of all the bluetooth events that took place with or without your knowledge. Something to check quite often.

Bluetooth Scan

Scan your android device and find all apps that can perform bluetooth actions like turning on bluetooth, pair with other devices, transfer data and more.

Trusted Devices

Add trusted devices so that you can accept pairing requests without concern. You can also change the default firewall configuration here.