App Backup - Backup app for Android

1. BackUp apps
2. Restore
3. Batch uninstall
4. Backup any number of versions of an app
5. Delete chosen backups
6. Install latest version of backed-apps from play store
7. Share install links via email, facebook or twitter
8. Take automatic backups when an app is installed & option to view the automatic backup log

Main Screen

Lists all installed apps . Select the apps to be backed up and pick 'backup' option from menu.

Quick backups

Backing up is easy and you can see the progress while it is being done. But no long waits. App backup is fast.

Available options

You have the option to backup, uninstall, install the latest version form store or share the app link.

Manage backups

Backups are listed out by the date on which it was taken. Tap on the backup to view all apps and their versions.