Top 3 features that makes our apps different

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Try before buy

We have free trial or lite versions available for all our apps so that you can try out all the features and device compatibility before buying.

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Rooting not needed

None of our apps need rooted android devices since rooting increases security risks and is not recommended by device manufacturers.

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Less Permisions

Our apps require the least or equal number of permissions compared to the other apps in the same category. It never needs more.

User Reviews

Bluetooth Firewall

"Awesome! Thanks for the app. As a Pentester (Hacker) and IT consultant I constantly show clients bluejacking and bluesnarfing attacks! This app is perfect for these issues and has been recommended multiple times!" - Google Play Customer

Bluetooth Transfer

"Finally found an app to connect to my PC with no cables. it transferred my files really fast. I can transfer multiple files or even apps." - Google Play Customer

App Backup

"I got a new phone and didn't have to find and reinstall every single one. App backUp had them and I just opened the app and reinstalled the ones I wanted. Was soo much easier than looking thru the market and trying to remember what apps you had and or needed." - Amazon Appstore Customer

App Backup

"This was a great app purchase for me. It does exactly what it says it will do. After wiping my phone it was very quick & easy to reinstall the apps I wanted. Saved me a lot of time by not having to search in the market & then install individually. " - Amazon Appstore Customer