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Android Security App
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Bluetooth Firewall

Protects your android device from bluetooth attack. Also scans & detects apps on your device with bluetooth capabilities.

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Android Utility App
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Bluetooth File Explorer

Transfer your files via bluetooth. No need for cables. No hassles.

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Android Utility App
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App BackUp

Backup less used apps & uninstall them to free up some memory. Backed up apps can be restored any time.

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Why Our Apps ?
Essential Apps
These are apps required for everyday use like security, backup, data transfer etc and not just entertainment.

Easily Affordable
All our apps are under $2.

Least number of permissions
Our apps require the least or equal number of permissions compared to the other apps in the same category. It never needs more.

No Ads for paid versions
Our paid version apps have no ads & do not require Internet permission. Hence it is safer than the apps that offer a full, ad supported version & offer separate license app for removing those ads. In such cases ads would be removed but the app will still have Internet permission which could be misused by malicious apps.

Reliable customer support
You can contact us anytime you come across issues with one of our apps and we will get back to you in at most one business day.

No rooting required to use the apps
You don't need to root your android device to use our apps since none of our apps require root permission.

Multiple language support
App BackUp is available in languages English, Russian, Japanese & Korean. Multi language support is being added to other apps as well.

Trial versions available for most apps
Before purchasing our apps you can try their lite versions for free. This way you can make sure the app is compatible with your device.

User Reviews on our Apps

"This was a great app purchase for me. It does exactly what it says it will do. After wiping my phone it was very quick & easy to reinstall the apps I wanted. Saved me a lot of time by not having to search in the market & then install individually. " - Amazon Appstore Customer on 'App BackUp'

"I got a new phone and didn't have to find and reinstall every single one. App backUp had them and I just opened the app and reinstalled the ones I wanted. Was soo much easier than looking thru the market and trying to remember what apps you had and or needed." - Amazon Appstore Customer on 'App BackUp'

"Finally found an app to connect to my PC with no cables. it transferred my files really fast. I can transfer multiple files or even apps." - Google Play Customer on 'Bluetooth File Explorer'

"This should be a mandatory purchase for any & every Android phone user!." - Google Play Customer on 'Bluetooth Firewall'


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